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September Pets of the Month

Canyon Animal Clinic

Queenie is a 10 year old American Bulldog who loves eating things that aren’t typically found in a dog bowl! Most recently, she ate a blue towel that we had to surgically remove! She had another scare a few months later but luckily avoided surgery! Queenie will be eleven years old next month and all of us here at CanyonVet would like to wish her a very happy birthday and many more to come!








Canyon City Animal Hospital

Bizzy is a sweet little Corgie boy that loves playing with squeak toys! He recently had to have surgery to explore and remove a growth on the side of his chest. He had to spend his Labor Day Weekend in the hospital instead of celebrating with his family! However, we are pleased to report he is doing much better after his surgery and is recovering well. So far, his area of concern is doing well.









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Mister Fuzzle! He came to us feeling a little under the weather. After an exam we realized he was unable to urinate! Male cats can have issues that cause them to become blocked and unable to urinate on their own. This can become very serious and an emergency very quickly.  After medical treatment and a few days in the hospital he was back to his happy self and purring away! Now Mister Fuzzle is back home and able to urinate on his own!


August Pets of the Month

Canyon Animal Clinic

Meet Mr. Luke! Luke is a sweetie that we have recently met! Luke has tested positive for Heartworms and his new owners are currently looking into treatment options! Luke is always smiling and a happy patient!









Canyon City Animal Hospital

Ruger! You guys met Ruger when we highlighted him as our Case Replay! Ruger has had a tough go so far! He had a case of Parvovirus and now has a broken leg! He is the sweetest guy and has been a trooper through his many treatments including a hospital stay with IV Fluids and many splint bandage changes!










Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Yogi Bear is the sweetest little Shiba Inu puppy! He is 6 months old and has been visiting us ever since finding his new home! He comes to see us for everything, including boarding, spa days, and routine check ups. We love it when this spunky guy comes visit!


July Pets of the Month

Canyon Animal Clinic

Lucy is our sweet, precious little Shih Tzu, who had to have surgery on one of her knees! She had a luxation of one of her patellas (a flat, movable bone at the front of the knee or kneecap) and had to have it repaired. When she comes to see us she is the happiest of patients and we always love when we get to see her!










Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Toulouse! Toulouse has had an exciting lifetime already even though he is still young. He had a long past and was rescued by his parents recently and has fit right in! If we were to have a “Best Groomed” contest, he and his sister would take the reward! He has the best manners and overwhelmingly contagious personality. He is super loved by everyone he meets!











Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet our favorite gal, Snickers! Snickers is a loving 13 year old daddy’s girl! She came in last month very ill and in need of surgery! Snickers had a uterine infection and needed emergency surgery. Her family came to visit her everyday during her stay with us! They love her dearly! We are happy to report that Snickers is recovering well and happy and healthy at home! Just look at that smile!




June Pets of the Month

Canyon Animal Clinic

Fancy is a 2 & 1/2 year old Shih Tzu who is a loveable peanut butter eating little lady. When she comes in to board she and her sister Maddie are a joy to have around! Our favorite thing about her is she has a funny way of raising her head upward as though she’s saying “Hello”! We just think she is so smart and cute!









Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Hershey! Hershey is a sweet old man Chihuahua! He has stayed with us as a hospital special guest recently and we got to know him on a  more personal level! We found out he has beef with all brooms. He wants to attack and chase the broom as it sweeps by his kennel door. All you hear is his raspy old man bark! He is the cutest little guy and brings a smile to our face!










Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Izzy is a sweet little Schnauzer puppy that we love to have visit. She frequents the joint for spa days! She is really good for her bubble baths! She is also very fashion forward as she wears the cutest doggy clothes!


May Pets of the Month

Canyon City Animal Hospital

Beau was found by his new owners several months ago. Beau had chronic ear infections for most of this life that may have never been tended to. This caused his ears to be chronically inflammed and harbor infection that caused severe pain. Luckily, his new owners were able to correct his ear problems by setting him up for a special ear surgery. We are glad to say he is home and doing well and in less pain!









Canyon Animal Clinic

Toby is a fun, energetic, happy puppy who was diagnosed with Megaesophagus. A condition where she has an enlarged esophagus which causes her trouble for moving food and liquid down to her stomach. Toby has a special chair that she sits up in when she eats to help move the food down more smoothly. She has been doing great with her new diet and method of eating!










Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Sam is a handsome 10 year old Cocker Spaniel. Like many of his breed, he is prone to ear infections. He comes in often to keep a close eye on his ears and maintain a healthy ear canal! Sam is one of our sweetest patients and we love when he comes to visit!

Sam Sharp.JPG



Plants Toxic for your Pets

By: Dr. Ryan Bullock

Found in the Mid-April Issue of The Canyon Lake Views

Spring has sprung in the Texas Hill Country and I’ll bet that many of you have taken advantage of the nice weather to do a little gardening. But, did you know that some of the plants you may be planting are poisonous to your pets if eaten? Here is a list of some plants commonly used in landscaping that are toxic to cats and dogs.

Sago Palms: This has become a very popular plant for landscaping in this area because they are low maintenance and the deer don’t seem to eat them. Unfortunately, they are extremely poisonous to dogs and cats. The seeds or “nuts” contain the highest concentration of the toxin and ingestion of just 1 or 2 seeds can have serious effects. Vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and liver failure are likely outcomes to ingestion of these seeds. I have seen 3 dogs poisoned by this plant over the past 3 months. One seems to be doing OK, but unfortunately the other 2 have died of liver failure. If you have pets I highly recommend you remove your Sago Palms from your landscaping.

Lilies: Members of the Lilium and Hemerocallis species are considered highly toxic to cats. Ingestion of just 1 leaf can result in severe kidney damage and death in cats. If you have cats, do not have lilies! Its just too risky that your curious cat may try a leaf or two.

Oleander: All parts of this plant are considered toxic for pets. Results of ingestion are GI irritation, abnormal heart function, hypothermia, and death.

Castor Bean: These beans are commonly made into necklaces. The poisonous component here is Ricin. Chewing on these necklaces can cause severe abdominal pain, vomiting, seizures, coma and death.

Some other plants that are toxic to pets include Tulips, Azaleas, Cyclamen, Kalanchoe, Yew, Chrysanthemum, Amaryllis, English Ivy, Autumn crocus, Pothos, and Schefflera. I don’t have enough room to list EVERY toxic plant in this article, but a more information is available with the Animal Poison Control Center at: or 1-888-4-ANI-HELP.

I would be especially careful if you are or plan to be the proud new owner of a puppy or kitten as these youngsters will literally eat anything and have a higher risk of getting into trouble. Take a list of toxic plants for pets with you next time you go to the nursery to spruce up your landscaping.


April Pets of the Month!

Canyon Animal Clinic

Meet Tiffany! Tiffany came to see us because she was not feeling well and her owner was worried she may have ingested something she should not have! After further examination, Dr. Hossalla suspected that Tiffany had a foreign body (something that should not be there!) Dr. Hossalla performed an exploratory surgery to remove the item and repair any damage done to Tiffany’s intestines. After a long recovery, Tiffany is finally on the mend and doing well at home! We are so glad because Tiffany is such a sweetheart!









Canyon City Animal Hospital

Sweet Louise! Louise has came to see us a few times for not feeling well. She has had to be hospitalized and placed on I.V. Fluids a few times for Pancreatitis. Patients that have been diagnosed with Pancreatitis usually present with vomiting and diarrhea and can get dehydrated very quickly. Patients and can be treated with supportive care. She is a trooper and has pulled through each time. We are glad to report that she is currently home,  happy and feeling well!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Courtney! Courtney is a sweet, gentle Shetland Sheepdog who we all just love to see! She comes in frequently for spa days and always a good girl! She is older, so she is not as crazy active as some can be in their younger years! She is always a joy to be around and we look forward to seeing her each time she visits!