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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Canyon Animal Clinic


Whisper is a sweet kitty that wandered up to her owner’s home back in November of 2013. She had a terrible upper respiratory infection and was brought in to be treated by us. The family fell in love with Whisper and just could not let her go!

In April, Whisper was bit by something on her front paw and it became severely infected and swollen. After 2 months of aggressive antibiotic and would care with little healing, Whisper’s leg was amputated. Whisper has endured lots of hardships due to a rare and unknown infection. The bacteria in her body is now being cultured and we are waiting for results so that we can find the perfect antibiotic and Whisper can make a full recovery!

Whisper has stolen all of our hearts at Canyon Animal Clinic and we always love having her here! She never ceases to give us lots of purrs and affectionate head butts!


Canyon City Animal Hospital


Duke is a gentle giant — a Great Dane! And, a patient “patient”. Duke had a condition where the tip of his tail would not heal after being injured for an unknown reason. After lots of treatment, bandaging, surgery and TLC from his owners, Duke and his tail are finally feeling better! He has stole the hearts of all the staff members here at CCAH and CAC!

June 2014 Dr. Ryan Bullock

Over the past several years we have written several articles on how important heartworm prevention is for our pets. We live in one of the most endemic parts of the world for heartworm disease. The only places that have a higher incidence of heartworms are the coastlines along the Gulf of Mexico. According to Pfizer/Zoetis, 90% of dogs will contract heartworms at some point in their lifetime if never given a preventative that live in areas similar to ours. Heartworms are spread by mosquitoes, so year round protection is a necessity as we have mosquitoes all year. If a dog contracts heartworms, treatment is very expensive costing between $400 – $1000 depending upon the size of the dog and the treatment protocol used. If left untreated, a dog with heartworm’s life expectancy is shortened by several years.

The reality we all face is that we have a hard time remembering to give the oral chews, tablets, or topicals once EVERY month. We are all human and sometimes we forget. If this describes you, luckily there is a product now available from Pfizer / Zoetis called “Proheart 6”. It’s an injection given by your veterinarian under the skin in a manner similar to a vaccine that prevents heartworms for 6 months. In fact, many pet owners get the Proheart injection done on their dog at the same time as vaccines to make using it more convenient. The product is just as effective at preventing heartworms as any of the oral or topical products. It is also very affordable and is usually priced similar or even less than some of the popular oral heartworm preventatives such as Heartgard.

I think this product is really a great option for pet owners that either don’t use flea preventatives or just use them seasonally. If you use a monthly flea preventative year round (which is recommended), then a combo product that prevents heartworms and fleas may be a better choice for you as the Proheart injection does not prevent fleas. Some examples of combo products are Trifexis, Revolution, and Advantage Multi. But, if you have a hard time remembering to give your combo product every month, then using the Proheart injections and a separate monthly flea preventative might be a good choice for you. Go to their website at to find out more information, or, ask your veterinarian.

May 2014 – Dr. Keith Leakey

I recently lost the first true love in my life to old age. Her name was Kaylee and she was the sweetest yellow dog I have ever laid my eyes on. She was my friend for the past 14 years and we got the chance to experience growing up together. From a poor college student and unruly puppy to a doctor and a therapy dog. She was always with me from my college years and my wedding day, to our move to Canyon Lake.

During her last days I found myself regretting not taking more walks or swims in the lake. I regret not rubbing her head and kissing her cheek when we left the house. I remember always walking away from the house with her standing in the window and only to return later in the day with her in the same place waiting for us to come home. The loyalty and love that our pets show us on a daily basis goes unrecognized when we get caught up in the insanity of this crazy world. I found that all the negativity that I would bring home would melt away when I would look into those brown eyes and smile. She would walk between my legs for her “hello” rub down. She deserved more than what I gave her at times and that is what I regret.

Over the last 15+ years of working at an animal clinic I have found that regret commonly creeps in when making the decision to let your loved friends go. I encourage pet owners to slow down and recognize the gift that each of our furry loved ones gives to us on a daily basis. All they ask of us is a “time out” from the hectic life we bring home. Make a point to spend another ten minutes of your day and devote it to them. You will come to find that this small amount of time in your day will provide you with a sense of clarity and perspective. Many have read the statement that ” I wish I could be half the person my dogs think I am.” I think we owe it to them to at least try.

Kaylee was my constant companion through change and has prepared me for a new adventure in life. My wife and I are expecting our first baby. I am sad, for this next step will be without her but am happy to explore being  a daddy to something without fur over 100% of its body. I would like to thank her for teaching me the important things in life and in helping me to be the best parent I can be. I will miss our time together but remember you always.

dukemaycacCanyon Animal Clinic



Meet Happy Duke! Duke has been coming to Canyon Animal Clinic for 3 years now and boards with us often. He always has a wild and playful disposition. In January, he was diagnosed with heartworm disease. His owners brought him to us for treatment and decided to board him with us for the 30 days recovery period, as it requires lots of rest and minimal exercise. Duke received lots of TLC while he was here and grew fond of one of our kennel techs, Darcy. We are so happy he had an uneventful recovery and is now back home with his loving family!


Canyon City Animal Hospital




Sassie is her name! And it fits her best! That is exactly her personality! Sassie comes to play with us often! In fact, she has been boarding with us for an extended stay! She is high energy and loves to play ball. She is a regular in doggie day care and can out run everyone in daycare! We love having her here and she brings a smile to our face everyday!