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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Canyon City Animal Hospital


Georgina is a beautiful and sweet Yorkie! She is a familiar friend here at CCAH! She has a beautiful coat that she does not particularly like to get brushed. We like to think of her as a “tom boy”! But, she always looks her best after playtime outside! Her look is not complete without her pony tail on the top! We selected her as Pet of the Month! Here she is dressed up in her dress!





Canyon Animal Clinic


June and Richard are our very sweet 3 month old Maltese patients! Last month, they both came to see us because they were very sick! They were diagnosed with Parvovirus! Dr. Bullock started treatment and within a few days, Richard got to go home. It was a longer recovery for June! But, with a little love and a brother that was at home missing her so…. she got better! They are now both at home and happy!