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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Canyon City Animal Hospital  dakota14march

Dakota came to see us for lethargy and not acting himself for a few days. He had a high temperature for unknown reason. We treated him for his fever and his constipation we found he was having. 🙂 After treatment he started to feel much better! Dakota likes to come see us and stay in the kitty condos and play with his friends!




Canyon Animal Clinic

Pretzel came into the clinic after being bitten by another dog! With wounds and a treatment plan in place, all Pretzel needed was a positive Dachshund spirit and the love from her parents and sister – she would be on the mend soon! She healed quickly and was back home within a few days! pretzel14

Canyon City Animal Hospital 


Woody came in for weight loss, vomiting and lethargy. He went ahead

and told us about his recent obsession with eating a plastic frisbee!


We monitored him closely to make sure part of the frisbee was not

stuck! After IV fluids and treatment he got better! Lucky for him,

the frisbee bits passed!




Canyon Animal Clinic

Meet Truman! Truman came to see us the day after Christmas for a

lack of appetite. It was found that he had an autoimmune disease.

After IV fluids and treatment he is now feeling better!