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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Canyon Animal Clinic


Mr. Mercury! He is a 15 year old Siamese! Mercury has had to deal with IBD for the last 8 years! Which requires a special diet and a close eye on what he eats so that he can maintain a healthy life! He was just recently diagnosed with diabetes and pancreatitis! With treatment he is now feeling better! Despite all of his health hurdles – he has always been a sweet patient and never complains! He is a true reminder that no matter what is thrown our way – we can make it through it!









Canyon City Animal Hospital

Sweet Spunky! Also known as “Lucky”!  Spunky is a young, adventurous kitty! He originally showed up as a stray and has now been fully adopted by his new family. Recently, he showed up with a broken leg! No one is totally sure what happened! It was damaged so much so that it needed to be amputated. Needless to say, he is recovering great and you would never know he had surgery recently! He is also an indoor only kitty now! Safer for him to keep his adventures to the indoor variety!