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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Canyon Animal Clinic


Please say hello to Suzy! Suzy recently came to see us and was diagnosed with Leptospirosis! Lepto is a bacterial disease that can affect animals and humans. It can cause kidney failure if left untreated. Suzy was hospitalized several days. After IV fluids and aggressive treatment we are happy to say that her kidney values are in a normal range now!





Canyon City Animal Hospital 


Next up is a little guy. Yeah right! Meet Archie! Archie is a Mastiff! He is a doggie day care regular and might as well be our mascot! He recently had some issues passing urine. After running a Urinalysis we found that he had a urinary tract infection. After treatment he is freely flowing again! Ssshhhhh. Don’t tell anyone! Yay Archie!







Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital


Ready for a double dose of colossal canine? Say hello to Dumbalina and Foxy! They both came to see us for painfulness when picked up. During the exam it was found that they were both experiencing back pain. They were sent home with the appropriate meds to help with pain and inflammation. Within just a day or two they were back to normal! We all agreed they BOTH deserved to be POTM!