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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Canyon Animal Clinic

Mr. Anubis! He is an older lab with a great personality! He recently came to see us for a large laceration on his chest! Dr. Hossalla performed surgery to repair his wounds. Anubis was a trooper & did great while resting and healing up!










Canyon City Animal Hospital 

The staff nominates Ariel! Ariel had laryngeal paralysis and had to undergo surgery. It is a disorder in which the nerves that control the muscles and cartilage that open and close the larynx do not function properly, causing difficulty with eating or breathing. Since her surgery she is now breathing better and back to her old self. Relaxing on the couch!arielccahaug







Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital 

Miss Dooney is the sweetest one year old Pomeranian you will ever meet! She is a regular day boarder and hangs out with Dr. Bullock and the rest of the staff! She observes all the ‘goings on’ at the clinic and is not hesitant to pass out some sweet licks to the face!dooneyhcahaug