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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Canyon Animal Clinic

Charlie is our Lucky Charm! He was found by a Good Samaritan and because he was micro-chipped we were able to find his parents! He came to us injured! He had some form of trauma causing him to have a Diaphragmatic Hernia! Dr. Hossalla performed emergency surgery to repair his life threatening situation. He had a long recovery but he did great! We are happy to say he is home and happy!







Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Megan! Megan is a sweet 8 year old Boxer baby! She started out very timid of us when she first came to visit. Over time she has gained our trust and has warmed up to us! She is now happy to come see us and not so scared! It has been very rewarding to watch her blossom! We love having her visit!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Harry! Harry was adopted by his family while they were here, out of state, visiting New Braunfels! While here, Harry hurt his leg and had to have surgery! He has kept his sweet and playful disposition throughout his recovery and is always a joy to see! We will surely miss him when he departs to his forever home soon – Maine! Good Luck, Harry!


_Harry Dorr