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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Canyon Animal Clinic

Lucy is our sweet, precious little Shih Tzu, who had to have surgery on one of her knees! She had a luxation of one of her patellas (a flat, movable bone at the front of the knee or kneecap) and had to have it repaired. When she comes to see us she is the happiest of patients and we always love when we get to see her!










Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Toulouse! Toulouse has had an exciting lifetime already even though he is still young. He had a long past and was rescued by his parents recently and has fit right in! If we were to have a “Best Groomed” contest, he and his sister would take the reward! He has the best manners and overwhelmingly contagious personality. He is super loved by everyone he meets!











Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet our favorite gal, Snickers! Snickers is a loving 13 year old daddy’s girl! She came in last month very ill and in need of surgery! Snickers had a uterine infection and needed emergency surgery. Her family came to visit her everyday during her stay with us! They love her dearly! We are happy to report that Snickers is recovering well and happy and healthy at home! Just look at that smile!