October Pets of the Month

Canyon Animal Clinic

              Meet Ginger! Ginger is a Boarding Celebrity here at CAC! Ginger has been staying with us since 2007! It has been such a pleasure to love and care for this sweet girl during her stays with us. Ginger will be 13 years old this December, but she doesn’t let her age slow her down a bit. Ginger has a heart murmur and takes special medications for her heart to help it pump better. Ginger loves to play and cuddle and her favorite treats during her stay are the Science Diet Soft and Savories. 











Canyon City Animal Hospital

             Meet Beckham! He will win you over every time with those big blue eyes! We are lucky that we get to see him when he comes to board in our kitty condos! He brings a smile to our face! We want to wish him a Happy Meow-o-leen!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

            Charlotte and Chipper are two of the sweetest Shihtzus! Charlotte is a regular visitor due to skin allergies. She now receives the new Immunotherapy injection and is doing very well! Chipper visits regularly for checkups on his diabetic condition. He was here recently for routine blood work to evaluate his blood sugar levels. We are happy to say he is doing great! Along with their visits to stay happy and healthy they also come to see Amber, their favorite groomer! We love that we get to see them on a regular basis and they are always a pleasure!




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