November Pets of the Month

Canyon Animal Clinic

Meet Riley! Riley is a 10 year old Dachshund who is living with Cushing’s Disease and Diabetes, both of which he now has under control with the appropriate medical treatment. He also recently had Cataract surgery on both of his eyes to correct the damage that was done by the Cushing’s Disease. He is now seeing the world in a whole new light and is doing very well!Not only has Riley been a fighter through the ups and downs with his medical conditions, Riley has managed to lose 10 pounds in the past year to get down to a healthy weight with the help of his loving owners. Riley is sweet, loveable and is very patient during any procedures he is having done here at the clinic. We love when Riley comes in to see us!










Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Viva! Viva was a rescue dog from our local animal shelter, CLASS. She is the sweetest girl and was lucky enough to be blessed with a wonderful new family! Her new family is taking great care of her to ensure she is receiving the best care. Her tail is always wagging! You  have to love her cute little ears, too! Check out her smile! We love Viva!










Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Harley! Harley came to us in March for favoring her rear leg. After an exam, we found out that she had to have a major surgery on her knee to repair a torn ACL. Her knee healed up great! Unfortunately, she came back to visit us recently, only to find that her opposite knee had torn, as well!  She recently had the other knee operated on so she can be healthy and run around like a Lab should!  This procedure is called a TPLO. She is healing well and will visit us soon for a check-up! Harley stays happy and keeps her tail wagging through it all!


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