January 2017 Pets of the Month!

Wow, we cannot believe it is already 2017 !!!!

Happy New Year, friends!

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us!

We are going to start this year off with some sweet kiddos for Pet of the Month!


Canyon Animal Clinic

Meet GG! GG is a two year old kitty with a chronic eye problem that has to be managed with several medications. GG does not let this bring her down, however! GG continues to be the Queen of the house and has recently completely taken over her owner’s bed now that she has made the move into the house! GG loves to lounge in the sun and to have her belly scratched! We are so happy she is getting love and proper treatment!










Canyon City Animal Hospital

Charly is a 4 year old fun loving terrier mix. Even when he recently became sick with an upset tummy he was still sweet and patient despite not feeling well. He had to stay with us in the hospital for a few days where he made a full recovery and is back to playing! We cannot wait to see him again soon for Doggie Day Care!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Sierra! She came in with an injury to her rear leg and with further diagnostics we discovered she had a torn ligament in her knee. She started coming in regularly for an injection to help with joint pain. Last month she had a specialized surgery to fix the torn ligament. She will be back soon for a check up post surgery. So far, she is doing great! We also love seeing her smiling face as a visitor in boarding!


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