February 2017 Pets of the Month

L O V E    is in the air!


It is National Pet Health Dental Month! We are celebrating by offering 20% off Dentals the month of February! Help you pet stay healthy by keeping a clean mouth! Did you know that prolonged dental disease can affect other organs like the heart and cause serious medical issues! Keep the Kisser Clean! Call today and schedule!



Canyon Animal Clinic

I’m Lefty! I am a three and a half year old Scottish Terrier. I have “little” sisters that are English Mastiff’s that I supervise during the day. I had some uncomfortable skin allergies until I saw Dr. Hossalla and the staff at Canyon Animal Clinic.  Now I visit them every 4-6 weeks for an injection called Cytopoint! The injection keeps me itch free!   The staff at Canyon Animal Clinic must really love me, because when I go in for a visit they give me so much love and lots and lots of treats!!








Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Angel! She came to see us last month for a hurt leg. After performing radiographs, Dr. Buntain found a distal femoral fracture in the left rear leg. Due to the breakdown of the bone, repair of the fracture was not likely. Angel’s dad and Dr. Buntain decided to amputate for the best outcome. The surgery went well and so did Angel’s recovery! Now she is back to herself and able to run and play again!










Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Hank! Hank is an adventurous boy who always finds his way into trouble! The first time he came to us his parents were concerned he had ingested rat poison. In a more recent escapade he came in with a snake bite! After a short stay in the hospital with treatment he is now doing great and hopefully keeping his nose clean! This sweet boy is always happy and wagging his tail no matter what the circumstance! Stay outta trouble, Hank!


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