March Pets of the Month 2017


Spring time brings out all the bugs! Fleas, ticks, mosquitos (heartworms)!!! Are you protecting your pets? Ask us how! It is simple!


Canyon Animal Clinic

Hi, my name is Sadie! I am an 8 year old Pit Bull who was rescued by a local family that is trying to help me find my forever home! I get along great with other dogs and I love little kids! Nothing makes me feel better than people rubbing my belly and telling me how sweet I am! A growth on my paw caused me to have my leg amputated, but I am not going to let it slow me down! If you or someone you know would like to adopt me, please call my favorite doctors office so they can get you in touch with my foster family!









Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Maija! Maija is an 8 year old ShihTzu who came to use us for not eating or acting like herself. After doing an exam and running some bloodwork, Dr. Leakey saw her electrolytes were extremely low and decided to keep her here in the hospital for I.V. Fluids and observation. After medication and keeping her hydrated, Dr. Leakey saw her bloodwork results had improved and she was able to go home. But, only to return a few days later with the same symptoms. Further diagnostic testing showed that she had Addison’s disease. After adjusting her medication accordingly and monitoring her closely she seems to be feeling much better!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Chucho is a 6 month old Bull Terrier. He came to us very sick! We quickly did a full exam and with some diagnostics we were able to conclude that he was suffering from Parvovirus! Parvovirus attacks the intestinal tract and can cause symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy. Therefore, causing dehydration that can become life threatening if not treated! After a few days in the hospital with I.V. Fluids and medication, oh, and lots of love, he has made a full recovery! He now visits us for “healthy visits” for his vaccines so he can stay healthy!

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