May Pets of the Month 2017

Canyon Animal Clinic

Hi! My name is Bobo! I am an 11 year old Toy Poodle. I recently got really sick with a condition called Diabetic Ketoacidosis, which is a diabetic complication where the body produces excess blood acids. The doctors and staff at CanyonVet did everything possible to get me feeling better and finding my correct insulin dosage for my newly diagnosed Diabetes. I am now feeling better and back to stealing food and snacks from my sister, Kiki. However, I have to be careful what snacks I steal – I have a blood glucose to keep regulated! Not too much sugar!








Canyon City Animal Hospital

Bella is a beautiful 11 year old Italian Greyhound. Her owner recently noticed a bump on her side that was increasing in size. She brought Bella to see Dr. Buntain for an exam.  The growth was suspicious and Dr. Buntain recommended removal. After removal, we did a biopsy and determined it was a Dermal Hemangiosarcoma; which is a form of skin cancer. Fortunately, on her follow up appointment, the abdominal ultrasound showed a clear scan at this time, with no apparent spread of cancer cells! Bella has recovered after the surgery and is doing great!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Miss Cali is the sweetest Chihuahua! Cali visited us earlier in the year for an exam due to issues with her knee. She was favoring her rear leg. After an exam, it was determined that she had a Luxating Patella along with a torn ligament in the same knee. Cali had to have a special orthopedic surgery to correct both issues so she could fully use her leg again. Cali is fully recovered and using her leg again! Now her visits with us are spent keeping her happy and healthy!


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