June Pets of the Month 2017


Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Molly! Molly is a very sweet 12 year old Lab Mix. She came to see Dr. Leakey in April to check a suspicious lump on her shoulder. Dr. Leakey decided to perform surgery to remove the growth and sent it in for histopathology. The results came back as a Fibrosarcoma; which is a type of cancer. Fortunately, this type has low metastatic potential and we were able to excise all of the mass. We will continue to monitor Molly closely for any more lumps or bumps. Molly recovered from her surgery very well! Shortly after, she had to make another trip to see Dr. Leakey when she developed lameness in her rear legs. After an exam, it turns out she had tarsal luxation or a ligament injury in her rear leg! She is currently going under further testing with specialists to rule out a possible endocrine issue causing the problem. She is currently sporting some cool splints to help support while she heals!









Canyon Animal Clinic

Cricket! Cricket is a very sweet 12 year old Shi Tzu. She has been one of our patients for several years and her mama takes perfect care of her! Recently she had to go through several surgical procedures to get back into tip top shape. She received both a cruciate repair and luxating patella repair to her knee (similar to an ACL tear a football player might have) by a specialty surgeon that traveled to our hospital! Along with those two surgeries she also got her teeth cleaned; a dental, also called oral surgery, a procedure that has to be performed under anesthesia. Cricket was very brave and is recovering well! We just absolutely adore her!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Rusty is a very sweet boy, but in his free time he likes to get himself into trouble!  He recently visited us with a swollen face due to a not so friendly confrontation with a snake!! After some loving care from the staff, a little medication, and an overnight stay he was feeling better! He is now back to his happy, loving self always wagging his tail! Take his advice and do not play with snakes! They can be very dangerous! Luckily, Rusty was able to avoid some much worse complications. Be sure to protect your kiddos and ask about our Rattlesnake Vaccine!


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