July 2017 Pets of the Month

Canyon Animal Clinic

Hi! My name is Ziva! I am an 8 lb. Miniature Australian Shepherd! I will be celebrating my 4 month birthday on July 15th! The name Ziva, pronounced: Zeeva, actually means brightness and light. I spend my days running circles around my Aunt Bella ( an 8 year old Border Collie). I love tug toys, tearing up newspapers and stealing socks! Like all puppies, I play hard and sleep hard! When I play too rough, my name is: No, Ziva! I am very observant and curious, although that sometimes gets me into trouble! I think I am a lucky dog to live with Hayley, Bella, Gran Candy and Grandpa Phil. They love me, even though I can outrun them!











Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Tucker! He is a 10 year old sweet Rottweiler who came to see Dr. Lambert last month because he was lethargic, not eating and just not himself. After radiographs and an ultrasound we found out he had an obstruction! He had a foreign object stuck in his intestines! We did emergency surgery and found out he had eaten a squeak toy! Dr. Lambert was able to safely remove the toy and he is at home and doing well! He finally has that smile back on his face that his owner kept telling us he had!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Smooshy! She is one of the sweetest kitties you will ever meet! At 16 years young she continues to visit the clinic due to diabetes. Although she is doing well at home she still comes for routine check ups to make sure she is properly regulated. Thankfully she has an amazing family that takes great care of her at home and dedicated doctors that care for her when she visits the clinic! We know it is easy caring for a diabetic patient! So, good job to her human family!  We are always happy to see her!

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