August 2017 Pets of the Month

Canyon Animal Clinic

Hi! My name is Cassy! I had Fragmented Coronoid Process Surgery on my left elbow. FCP is developmental abnormalities that may occur in the elbow joint, mostly in medium and large breed dogsSurgery is the treatment of choice for this condition, and its aim is to remove any abnormal cartilage or bone and attempt to return the joint to a more normal anatomy and function. When I am not recovering at home, I love to play with my squeaky toys and tennis balls. My mom likes to take me to the barn with her while she feeds the chickens and horses, I HELP! I also really enjoy laying on my bed next to my mom while she does chores around the house. But my overall favorite place to be is under the table by the window where I patrol for squirrels. After my 4 week recovery, I will be back in action! I can’t wait!









Canyon City Animal Hospital

Bruiser is a 9 year old handsome Pit Bull who came in for rear leg lameness last Spring. He also had a prostate infection which he was treated for. In June, a procedure called a TPLO was performed to repair a torn ligament in his knee. He was also neutered at that time. The prostate issue is something that can occur in non-neutered males. After his surgery, he has made a full recovery on both his prostate issue and lameness. His parents love him so much! You can tell by all of the extra fluffy blankets his parents brought him to have during his stay with us!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Juniper is the sweetest dog you will ever meet! She was recently adopted by her family from HSNBA. They quickly fell for her loving personality and she is now an emotional support animal for her owner. Sadly she was very sick after she was adopted and had an exploratory surgery due to speculation of a foreign body. Thankfully there was not a foreign body found but instead she had  a severe case of gastroenteritis. After some medication and supportive care during her stay in the hospital she is now happy and healthy back at home making a full recovery!


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