We are  excited to announce we are merging and building a new boarding and grooming facility!

Please check out Dr. Bullock’s letter about the move!


Dear Valued Canyonvet Clients:


We are very excited to bring you news about our Canyon Lake Hospitals. We have made the decision to combine Canyon Animal Clinic in Sattler into Canyon City Animal Hospital in Canyon City on FM 306. The combination of the clinics will take effect October 2nd, 2017.

The reasons for this decision are many: We feel we can provide each of our outstanding clients and patients with even better veterinary care and customer service under one roof. There have been times when, depending on the schedule, we have been overstaffed at one facility and understaffed at another because that just happened to be the busier location that day. Putting all of our highly trained, professional staff into one location will insure that we will be able to provide the over the top customer service you have come to expect from Canyonvet.

Built in the 1970’s, Canyon Animal Clinic has served the Canyon Lake’s veterinary needs at an exceptional level for 40 years. As we would all expect, the building has developed substantial wear and tear during that time frame. We feel the newer, state of the art, facility at Canyon City Animal Hospital can provide more current care and amenities for our valued clients and patients.

I know some of you have concerns over the added distance you may have to drive to reach the Canyon City location on FM 306. While I know this may be a burden for some of you, please realize that this location is less than 3 miles from Canyon Animal Clinic and is normally driven in less than 5 minutes. We truly hope the added distance doesn’t cause you to look elsewhere and miss out on the exceptional veterinary care and customer service we can provide.

For those of you who are long time clients of Dr. Jeff Quinn, the original founder of Canyon Animal Clinic, you will be pleased to know that he will continue to practice from the Canyon City location two days a week as he has been doing for the past few years. Dr. Quinn fully supports this decision and hopes that all of his longtime clients will be able to continue to bring him their pets for his expert care.

New Boarding and Grooming Facility: More exciting news! Plans are in place and construction will start soon on a new boarding and grooming facility directly behind Canyon City Animal Hospital. Phase 1 of the facility will add 16 more luxury runs that will have private indoor to outdoor access for your beloved pets. Additional play yards and an expanded grooming facility will also be added. We hope to have this project done by Summer of 2018. Please check our Facebook page for additional updates.

We truly hope that everyone is excited as we are about the combination of these two great hospitals and the future that lays ahead of us. If anyone has any concerns or further questions please do not hesitate to email me directly.


Ryan Bullock,DVM

President, Co-Owner, Veterinarian




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