September Pets of the Month

Canyon Animal Clinic

{Our last , but not least, special Pet of the Month for CAC since the merge is coming next month} Hi! My name is Volpe! My mom rescued me from Texas Chihuahua Rescue where they originally found me as a stray in San Antonio. Although, I am very nervous around new people, I am getting more and more trusting and loving the attention. When I am not going on long walks, you will find me laying on the bed sleeping with my mom. I am not too fond of playing with toys, but I do love going to training class where I get to play with my friends!  By far, my biggest accomplishment was recently winning 1st place in The Chihuahua Race!








Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Skipper! He is an adorable Rat Terrier mix who is about to turn 10! He came to see us August of last year because he was limping. Turns out the cruciate ligament in his leg had torn and he needed surgery. This is similar to an ACL tear in humans. The surgery was successful and he made a full recovery. He came back almost exactly a year later and was limping again, but on the other leg. Sure enough he had the same tear on his other rear leg! After another successful surgery and recovery he is back to his playful self!








Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Luna is the sweetest Bull Terrier puppy!  She has been coming to us since March for her very first “puppy visit” and a check up due to some concerns about her skin. After a closer look at her skin and doing a skin scrape and checking the sample under a microscope; a condition was diagnosed as Demodex.  Demodex is a genus of tiny mites that live in or near hair follicles of mammals. She has went through the treatment to clear her skin mites!  She is full of energy and never slows down for more than a minute! Unfortunately, she recently had an accident and fractured her leg which required a specialty surgery to fix. Thankfully, she has healed up and is making up for all the time she had to stay calm after surgery! Despite it all she is always happy and her tail is always wagging! We are happy whenever we get to have this sweet girl in boarding!

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