October Pets of the Month!


October Pets of the Month!

Happy Fall!


Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Seth! Seth is a 10 year old Australian Shepherd! Seth and his dad take a long walk everyday. Recently, while out on one of his adventures, Seth encountered a Rattlesnake! Before his dad knew what it was, Seth was struck by the snake! His parents rushed him to our hospital. Luckily, they arrived very quickly and allowed us to administer the Antivenin. Seth had extensive care with us for  two weeks in our hospital. His parents visited him everyday to show their love for their boy and encourage him to eat. Due to the severity of his bite, he developed a secondary skin issue that requires daily hydrotherapy and bandage changes. We will continue his treatment and therapy. Despite it all – he has endured and been the best patient! He is a fighter!








Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Tinker!  Tinker is the most adorable Lab-Mix puppy! She started coming to us because she was vomiting multiple times each day for an unknown reason. After a thorough exam she was diagnosed with suspected gastroenteritis. Unfortunately, with medication and a bland diet this did not resolve. Tinker then returned for more diagnostics and continued on supportive treatment for what was still thought to be gastroenteritis. After several weeks of treatment without full resolution of her symptoms, her doctors and parents decided it was time to take her to the specialist at South Texas Veterinary Specialists. At the specialist, she went through more testing including an endoscopy and a stomach biopsy where they were able to see an uncommon worm in her stomach called Physaloptera. She is now on a strict deworming schedule and being closely monitored for any more symptoms. We are very happy to say that she is doing much better and has not been sick ever since starting on her new medication!

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