March Pets of the Month

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Month!

Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Harrison! He is a fun loving Labradoodle who recently had a first birthday! Ever since he was a puppy he’s been a social butterfly! Stopping by everyone’s desk to say hi, to give hugs and licks! He comes often for our Doggie Day Care program to play with his friends and to make new ones! However, several weeks ago, he encountered some GI issues causing vomiting and an upset stomach. He came in to see Dr. Leakey and was put on Metronidazole; a medication that helps with bacteria in the stomach and GI tract, and switched his food to Hills Healthy Advantage. Since then, he has been doing great! He is loving the new food and is enjoying playing with all of his friends again!







Hunters Canyon Animal Clinic

Say hello to Brady! Brady is a sweet and handsome feline! Brady has come to visit us on several occasions to have his teeth and bump on his face evaluated. We recently fixed Brady up with shiny clean teeth and removed the bump from his face. As always, he was a real trooper! We are excited to report Brady is back to chasing yarn balls and showing off his new healthy, white smile!


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