April Pets of the Month

Happy Spring, Friends !

Which reminds me…. are your pets protected from fleas, ticks and heartworms? Allllll the parasites! Ew! Ask us about the latest protection for your pet! {who probably sleeps in your bed, right? …. Right!!!}     ;- )    Give us a call !

Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Casey! Casey is an 11 year old Beagle who has been a patient of ours since 2010. About a month ago, he came to see us because he was not behaving like himself. He was not eating and not wanting to move around much. After Dr. Leakey examined him, it appeared to be a neck injury. Dr. Leakey decided to have him stay with us for observation and to administer medications and laser therapy treatments. We used our K-Laser, which delivers specific red and infrared wavelengths of laser light to induce a therapeutic effect within the body which increases circulation, decreases swelling, reduces pain & enhances tissue repair. After a few days of staying with us and receiving daily treatments, he was able to move around and eat comfortably. He was able to go home and has been doing great ever since!


Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Sweet Molly! Molly has been coming to see us for a little over a year now! At almost eleven years old, she has been doing very well until recently when her parents noticed she had some pain in her legs. In March she had to come in to get one of her legs worked on; she had a torn ligament and her knee cap kept popping out of place also known as a Luxating Patella. We had a specialist come in and help repair it to where the ligament will now stay in place. Now she is on the road to recovery to be able to run around like a puppy again!


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