May 2018 Pets of the Month

Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Elli! She is a 9 year old Retriever mix who has been coming to see us for over 5 years. Recently, her mom brought her in to see Dr. Leakey for lameness on her right rear foot. After X-rays and a biopsy it was determined she had Osteosarcoma in one of her toes; a type of bone cancer that can be very aggressive if not treated. After much discussion and given their options, Dr. Leakey and Elli’s owners decided it would be best to amputate the affected toe. Luckily the cancer seems to have not spread to any other areas and Elli’s recovery has went well. Elli is back to old herself and able to play with her new brother!







Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet little Trixie! Trixie came to us in July for a hurt leg. After a thorough exam and labwork, it turned out that Trixie has Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia ; a disease where her body attacks her own blood platelets; causing anemia,  bruising, bleeding and is very serious. She takes medicine to help the disease and visits us often to have her blood counts checked. With the treatment that our team provides and hard work from her parents to make sure she is feeling tip-top, Trixie is doing much better!


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