August Pets of the Month

Meet Charlie! Charlie is a two year old Flame Point who came to see Dr. Jacobs for limping on his front left leg. Radiographs revealed caudal luxation of the left humerus; a dislocated shoulder. After trying to place Charlie’s shoulder back into place and a couple of weeks of cage rest, he was still limping and having issues. After much discussion, a mutual decision was made to amputate Charlie’s front leg. The surgery went very well and just days later Charlie was getting back into his usual routine of lying in the sun and lounging in his mom’s lap!






Say howdy to the handsome Max! About six months ago he was brought in to see Dr. Hossalla for pain and limping in his left rear leg. It was suspected that he had ruptured his cranial cruciate ligament. Dr. Hossalla and Max’s family decided to try cage rest and pain medications to see if there was any improvement. At the beginning of July his knee wasn’t getting any better so Dr. Hossalla performed platelet therapy on his left knee. Platelet therapy consists of concentrating the platelets from about 2 ounces of blood with a special filter followed by injecting the platelets directly into the affected joint to help with healing. This procedure worked wonders for him. Unfortunately, about a week later the same symptoms occurred on his right knee. This time Max had to have a special surgery to correct his injury. Max’s recovery has been going great!


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