March 2019 Pets of the Month

Canyon City Animal Hospital

Gracie is an adorable 1 year old cat who came to see Dr. Lambert for a possible mass on her stomach. After examining Gracie, it was determined the swelling was due to a false pregnancy; which can cause symptoms such as swollen mammary glands and lactation without producing kittens. It turned out Gracie’s mammary glands were swollen.  After administering antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, they planned on making an appointment to get her spayed. The swelling did not go down as quickly as we had hoped and Gracie ended up requiring hydrotherapy to the area to promote healing.  Her dad was dedicated to getting her well and did a great job keeping her happy and bringing her to her follow-up appointments! We are planning on seeing Gracie soon for her appointment to be spayed!








Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Kona is a 8 month old Great Dane what we have seen since she was a puppy! She is already over 75 pounds! Unfortunately, Kona ate something that she was not supposed to and we had to surgically remove the contents. We know she loves to play with her toys but we don’t want her to eat them! Some of the contents we removed where parts of a rope toy, parts of a tennis ball, part of a towel and a safety-pin! Kona was a sneaky girl! Kona recovered great from surgery! She is never allowed to be alone with anything in her mouth! She is growing up to be a beautiful girl!

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