April 2019 Pets of the Month

Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Sally! Sally is a sweet kitty that comes to see us! Sally was found as a small kitten in an attic of an abandoned house! She was weak and had a few brothers and sisters with her. The Good Samaritan who found the litter waited days for the mother but she never showed up. All the kittens found good homes and we get to see most of them at the clinic from time to time. We love seeing Sally Kitty!








Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Francisco is our San Francisco treat! He is a 3-year-old Flemish Giant Rabbit and weighs a whopping 15 pounds! We have been examining him for a growth underneath the left side of his chin.  We successfully removed the growth and he is recovering nicely!  We believe that he thinks he is a dog because he loves playing with his 2 best dog buddies Kasey & Moose.  Moose is 140 pound Saint Bernard & Kasey is 13 pound Shih Tzu Mix! If you can even picture that! Otherwise Francisco loves being & playing outside.  Of course his favorite thing to do is eat!!!


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