May 2019 Pets of the Month

Canyon City Animal Hospital

Brandi is our little sweetheart! Brandi is a energetic one year old Lab Mix.  Brandi has been coming to CCAH ever since her puppy days! This ray of sunshine has made so many friends while playing in Doggie Daycare! When she isn’t running around with her playmates she’s relaxing in her suite! We all look forward to the smiles she brings when coming in for her check ups! 






Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Our Lady! Lady is a 9 year old Chocolate Lab that got the condition we call “Happy Tail”.  Meaning she wagged her tail so much because she is super sweet and loves people, that it caused her injury to her tail.  We ended up having to amputate part of the infected tail off so that she could still get excited without causing harm to herself.  She stayed with us for 3 weeks so she could recover completely.  I’m proud to say that she now has a Boxer tail along with the Boxer wiggle ☺️.  We loved every second of it.  She is doing great and hasn’t skipped a beat.  We love our Lady and always enjoy seeing her!!!






CanyonVet Spring Branch

Meet Monte! Monte is a six year old Lab Mix who just so happened to be our very first patient as CanyonVet Spring Branch! It was exciting to start our journey under this new name and look forward to meeting everyone! Monte’s dad sure did express how special Monte is to him and his wife. They said they have had many dogs but this one was one of a kind. We tend to agree!

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