June 2019 Pets of the Month

Canyon City Animal Hospital

Hi, my name is Lady Isobel of Aberdeen but you can call me Izzy! A couple weeks ago I started feeling really bad out of nowhere. I couldn’t finish my breakfast or even walk to my mom and dad. I was so scared and hurt so bad that I made my parents worry. They quickly rushed me to see Dr. Lambert and had me take multiple tests. I ended up having to stay overnight hooked up to a weird machine that they said pumped fluids in me. Whatever it was by the next day I felt so much better, I was even able to wag my tail! I’m all home now and feeling as strong as a horse!







Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

It is hard to believe that Addy has been coming to us for only about 6 months!  Because it feels like we’ve known her forever!  Addy is our lovable Westie that is 10 years old.  She comes all the way from Minnesota!  We are so glad to have her!  While she has been here, we have been monitoring her Diabetes.  Addy is such a trooper and let’s us do whatever she needs.  We’ve had her in for multiple day boards where we monitor her glucose levels through out the day to make sure her levels are staying good.  She is the perfect patient and will let anyone do whatever they need to get her better! We love having her!






CanyonVet Spring Branch

Meet Klara! Klara is a super cute and very friendly little kitten who was found with a ripped lower lip that appeared to be an old injury! With some TLC, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics we are letting it heal. So far, things are going great in her new loving home. She will be back soon to get spayed! We can’t wait to see her soon!

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