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Spring time brings out all the bugs! Fleas, ticks, mosquitos (heartworms)!!! Are you protecting your pets? Ask us how! It is simple!


Canyon Animal Clinic

Hi, my name is Sadie! I am an 8 year old Pit Bull who was rescued by a local family that is trying to help me find my forever home! I get along great with other dogs and I love little kids! Nothing makes me feel better than people rubbing my belly and telling me how sweet I am! A growth on my paw caused me to have my leg amputated, but I am not going to let it slow me down! If you or someone you know would like to adopt me, please call my favorite doctors office so they can get you in touch with my foster family!









Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Maija! Maija is an 8 year old ShihTzu who came to use us for not eating or acting like herself. After doing an exam and running some bloodwork, Dr. Leakey saw her electrolytes were extremely low and decided to keep her here in the hospital for I.V. Fluids and observation. After medication and keeping her hydrated, Dr. Leakey saw her bloodwork results had improved and she was able to go home. But, only to return a few days later with the same symptoms. Further diagnostic testing showed that she had Addison’s disease. After adjusting her medication accordingly and monitoring her closely she seems to be feeling much better!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Chucho is a 6 month old Bull Terrier. He came to us very sick! We quickly did a full exam and with some diagnostics we were able to conclude that he was suffering from Parvovirus! Parvovirus attacks the intestinal tract and can cause symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea and lethargy. Therefore, causing dehydration that can become life threatening if not treated! After a few days in the hospital with I.V. Fluids and medication, oh, and lots of love, he has made a full recovery! He now visits us for “healthy visits” for his vaccines so he can stay healthy!

L O V E    is in the air!


It is National Pet Health Dental Month! We are celebrating by offering 20% off Dentals the month of February! Help you pet stay healthy by keeping a clean mouth! Did you know that prolonged dental disease can affect other organs like the heart and cause serious medical issues! Keep the Kisser Clean! Call today and schedule!



Canyon Animal Clinic

I’m Lefty! I am a three and a half year old Scottish Terrier. I have “little” sisters that are English Mastiff’s that I supervise during the day. I had some uncomfortable skin allergies until I saw Dr. Hossalla and the staff at Canyon Animal Clinic.  Now I visit them every 4-6 weeks for an injection called Cytopoint! The injection keeps me itch free!   The staff at Canyon Animal Clinic must really love me, because when I go in for a visit they give me so much love and lots and lots of treats!!








Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Angel! She came to see us last month for a hurt leg. After performing radiographs, Dr. Buntain found a distal femoral fracture in the left rear leg. Due to the breakdown of the bone, repair of the fracture was not likely. Angel’s dad and Dr. Buntain decided to amputate for the best outcome. The surgery went well and so did Angel’s recovery! Now she is back to herself and able to run and play again!










Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Hank! Hank is an adventurous boy who always finds his way into trouble! The first time he came to us his parents were concerned he had ingested rat poison. In a more recent escapade he came in with a snake bite! After a short stay in the hospital with treatment he is now doing great and hopefully keeping his nose clean! This sweet boy is always happy and wagging his tail no matter what the circumstance! Stay outta trouble, Hank!


Wow, we cannot believe it is already 2017 !!!!

Happy New Year, friends!

Thank you for continuing on this journey with us!

We are going to start this year off with some sweet kiddos for Pet of the Month!


Canyon Animal Clinic

Meet GG! GG is a two year old kitty with a chronic eye problem that has to be managed with several medications. GG does not let this bring her down, however! GG continues to be the Queen of the house and has recently completely taken over her owner’s bed now that she has made the move into the house! GG loves to lounge in the sun and to have her belly scratched! We are so happy she is getting love and proper treatment!










Canyon City Animal Hospital

Charly is a 4 year old fun loving terrier mix. Even when he recently became sick with an upset tummy he was still sweet and patient despite not feeling well. He had to stay with us in the hospital for a few days where he made a full recovery and is back to playing! We cannot wait to see him again soon for Doggie Day Care!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Sierra! She came in with an injury to her rear leg and with further diagnostics we discovered she had a torn ligament in her knee. She started coming in regularly for an injection to help with joint pain. Last month she had a specialized surgery to fix the torn ligament. She will be back soon for a check up post surgery. So far, she is doing great! We also love seeing her smiling face as a visitor in boarding!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from all of us at CanyonVet!

Canyon Animal Clinic

Meet Floyd! Floyd is a 15 year old puppy who manages chronic allergies! He visits us often for medical spa baths that help soothe his skin and keep him feeling fresh! We always love to see his wise old face!










Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Jack! Jack is a 13 year old Terrier Mix who was adopted by his family from a shelter! He gets you each time you see him with his smirky smile and cute old face! He loves to visit often for Doggie Day Care and visit with the ladies and bask in the sun!











Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Oreo! Oreo visited us recently for a wound of unknown origin on the base of her tail! Amputation was considered because it was so bad! But, we decided to treat the wound over time! Oreo is such a trooper and even allows us to do hydrotherapy on her tail to help speed up healing. We are happy to say that she is healing up well!



Canyon Animal Clinic

Meet Riley! Riley is a 10 year old Dachshund who is living with Cushing’s Disease and Diabetes, both of which he now has under control with the appropriate medical treatment. He also recently had Cataract surgery on both of his eyes to correct the damage that was done by the Cushing’s Disease. He is now seeing the world in a whole new light and is doing very well!Not only has Riley been a fighter through the ups and downs with his medical conditions, Riley has managed to lose 10 pounds in the past year to get down to a healthy weight with the help of his loving owners. Riley is sweet, loveable and is very patient during any procedures he is having done here at the clinic. We love when Riley comes in to see us!










Canyon City Animal Hospital

Meet Viva! Viva was a rescue dog from our local animal shelter, CLASS. She is the sweetest girl and was lucky enough to be blessed with a wonderful new family! Her new family is taking great care of her to ensure she is receiving the best care. Her tail is always wagging! You  have to love her cute little ears, too! Check out her smile! We love Viva!










Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Harley! Harley came to us in March for favoring her rear leg. After an exam, we found out that she had to have a major surgery on her knee to repair a torn ACL. Her knee healed up great! Unfortunately, she came back to visit us recently, only to find that her opposite knee had torn, as well!  She recently had the other knee operated on so she can be healthy and run around like a Lab should!  This procedure is called a TPLO. She is healing well and will visit us soon for a check-up! Harley stays happy and keeps her tail wagging through it all!


Canyon Animal Clinic

              Meet Ginger! Ginger is a Boarding Celebrity here at CAC! Ginger has been staying with us since 2007! It has been such a pleasure to love and care for this sweet girl during her stays with us. Ginger will be 13 years old this December, but she doesn’t let her age slow her down a bit. Ginger has a heart murmur and takes special medications for her heart to help it pump better. Ginger loves to play and cuddle and her favorite treats during her stay are the Science Diet Soft and Savories. 











Canyon City Animal Hospital

             Meet Beckham! He will win you over every time with those big blue eyes! We are lucky that we get to see him when he comes to board in our kitty condos! He brings a smile to our face! We want to wish him a Happy Meow-o-leen!









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

            Charlotte and Chipper are two of the sweetest Shihtzus! Charlotte is a regular visitor due to skin allergies. She now receives the new Immunotherapy injection and is doing very well! Chipper visits regularly for checkups on his diabetic condition. He was here recently for routine blood work to evaluate his blood sugar levels. We are happy to say he is doing great! Along with their visits to stay happy and healthy they also come to see Amber, their favorite groomer! We love that we get to see them on a regular basis and they are always a pleasure!




Canyon Animal Clinic

Queenie is a 10 year old American Bulldog who loves eating things that aren’t typically found in a dog bowl! Most recently, she ate a blue towel that we had to surgically remove! She had another scare a few months later but luckily avoided surgery! Queenie will be eleven years old next month and all of us here at CanyonVet would like to wish her a very happy birthday and many more to come!








Canyon City Animal Hospital

Bizzy is a sweet little Corgie boy that loves playing with squeak toys! He recently had to have surgery to explore and remove a growth on the side of his chest. He had to spend his Labor Day Weekend in the hospital instead of celebrating with his family! However, we are pleased to report he is doing much better after his surgery and is recovering well. So far, his area of concern is doing well.









Hunters Canyon Animal Hospital

Meet Mister Fuzzle! He came to us feeling a little under the weather. After an exam we realized he was unable to urinate! Male cats can have issues that cause them to become blocked and unable to urinate on their own. This can become very serious and an emergency very quickly.  After medical treatment and a few days in the hospital he was back to his happy self and purring away! Now Mister Fuzzle is back home and able to urinate on his own!